We have created a unique healthcare experience to care for your loved ones while they live thousands of miles away. You no longer should agonize over choosing your family's healthcare plan and worry about how to pay your premiums while you are away from your family. This is a unique offering for Gambia and Senegal expatriates that has never been available before. We work hard to consolidate best plans from various providers in Gambia and Senegal that have otherwise not been available. That's the kind of experience that makes us unique. Our mission is to create healthier futures for our members by championing access to high-quality, affordable care and building innovative partnerships in the communities we serve.

How does it work

We have created simple and easy to use plans to cover everyone in your family.

  • Choose your plan
  • Enroll
  • Relax
  • We will take care of the rest for you


From as little as USD20 per month, any economically active Senegambia Citizen can buy Health Insurance Plan that will provide you with a variety of benefits of up to a minimum of GMD100,000 and/or CFA3,000,000 per person per Insurance year.


Gambian and Senegalese residents can now subscribe to a Family Health Insurance Plan without being a member of a Large Corporate Group. A member can buy Health Insurance Plan for their families and enjoy from a wide range benefits including optical, dental and maternity.


Senegambia Coverage

Working in partnership with Senegalese Insurance Companies and reputable Medical Clinics and Specialist Medical Practitioners' to offer Comprehensive and Affordable Family Health Insurance Plans.


Select from the four levels of cover below to see a comparison of features and benefits

Individual Plan

Full cover for one person for in-patient and out-patient including

  • Maternity
  • Pharmacy
  • Lab and Imaging
  • Overall Maximum annual Limit GMD 45,000.00

Bronze Plan

Covers a family size of 2 (i.e. husband & or wife) for in-patient and out-patient treatment including

  • Maternity
  • Vaccination
  • Lab and Imaging
  • Pharmacy
  • Overall Maximum annual Limit GMD 100,000.00

Silver Plan

Benefits of Silver:

  • Cover for in-patient and out-patient treatment for a family size of 5(i.e. husband, wife, 2 children and 1 senior citizen)
  • Cover includes;
  • Maternity (with enhanced limits)
  • Increased vaccination limits
  • Lab and Imaging (with enhanced limits)
  • Pharmacy (with enhanced limits)
  • Overall Maximum annual Limit GMD 250,000.00

Gold Plan

  • Cover for in-patient and out-patient treatment for a family size of (i.e. husband, wife, 3 children and 1 senior citizen)
  • Cover includes;
  • Maternity (with enhanced limits)
  • Increased vaccination limits
  • Lab and Imaging (with enhanced limits)
  • Pharmacy (with enhanced limits)
  • Overall Maximum annual Limit GMD 300,000.00

Chronic Illness Plan

  • Inclusive health plan
  • Covers pre-existing condition for age up to 70
  • Benefit is for a named individual and not transferable
  • Special focus on preventative care subject to innual limit
  • Example of the Illnesses includes High blood pressure, diabetes, asthma etc.



(In-Patient and Out-Patient)


With Metro-Afrique, You and your family will have access to Dental and Optical coverage


Enjoy Maternity Benefits for Simple Delivery and Cesarean Delivery


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Enjoy FREE advisory services on Financial Planning and Primary Family Healthcare


Medical visits to your local General Practicioner for Primary Healthcare




Working with our partners - Massa International, SUNU Assurances and ASKIA Assurances, Metro-Afrique will be offering Health Plans that will provide medical benefits of up to CFA3,000,000 and CFA10,000,000 depending on your choice of cover. Clients will have a variety of Medical Specialists,Hospitals, Clinics, Laboratories and Pharmacies to choose from taking into account the client convenience and needs.


Metro-Afrique offers the most comprehensive and affordable Family Health Plans ever available in the Sene-Gambia Region. Each Family Beneficiary is entitled to Annual Overall Medical Limit of GMD250,000 for Families living in the Gambia. This cover includes In-Patient (Hospitalization) and Out-Patient. The following Limits are available for specific benefits:

  • Hospital Benefits (In-Patient and Out-Patient)
  • Major Disease Benefits
  • International Evacuation to Senegal
  • Maternity Benefit
  • Chronic Conditions Benefits
  • Dental Benefit
  • Optical Benefit
  • Repatriation of Primary and Insured Members
  • Second Medical Opinion
  • Holiday Medical Cover for Primary Member whilst visiting home country
  • Personal Accident Benefit for spouse or parent

Innovation: All beneficiaries under the Family Medical Scheme can choose to see a Medical Specialist in Dakar for the treatment of a special medical condition should the beneficiary choose to especially if the treatment is not available in the Gambia.

The Gambia

In partnership with Metropolitan Insurance Brokers, GNIC and Global Security Insurance Company, Metro-Afrique will be offering Health Insurance Plans that will provide Healthcare Benefits of up to either GMD100,000 or GMD250,000 per person per Insurance Year. Clients will have the option to visit leading Medical Specialist, Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmacies and Laboratories both in the Gambia and Senegal...

Senegal Coverage

Through a strategy of Co-Creation with Massa International, ASKIA Assurances and SUNU Assurance, Metro-Afrique offers for the first time the opportunity for Senegalese Nationals living and working in the Diaspora to provide quality and affordable Health Insurance to their family members living in Senegal. The Scheme is also open to Small Medium and Micro-Enterprises operating in Senegal. True to Metro-Afrique's mission of Social Inclusion and starting out with Health Insurance, Metro-Afrique together with its partners have developed 2 types of Products under its Sen Werr Gou Yaram Scheme:

Metro Standard Health Plan – This plan provides cover for each family up to a limit of CFA3,000,000 per year. This includes Hospitalization, Out-Patient Treatment, Dental and Optical Benefits. The plan also covers pre-existing medical conditions subject to a qualifying waiting period.

Metro Plus Health Plan – This plan provides cover for each family up to a maximum of CFA10 million per year for customers age between 1 day to 60 years and CFA 5 million for senior citizens age between 61 and 70 years of age

All covers provide benefits for Hospitalization (In-Patient), Out-Patient Treatments, Maternity, Dental and Optical. Pre-exiting conditions are covered subject to a minimum waiting period.
There is a flexible option to pay your Health Insurance to cater for the different earnings cycle for each client. Premiums can be paid daily, weekly or monthly with Orange Money and/or annually.For Salaried Professionals, there is an option and opportunity to join the scheme and make payments from payroll deductions by your employers. As it is customary in Senegal, the Medical Scheme will cover all Medical Bills up to 90% and the Beneficiaries will make a 10% Co-Pay on all the Out-Patient Bills including Medications at Pharmacies.


The Mission of Metro-Afrique is Medical Inclusion. The Company wants to provide Quality and Affordable Medicare to Uninsured Families in West Africa starting with the Gambia and Senegal. Consequently, the Metro-Afrique Medical Scheme will cover anyone who meets the following criteria:

Age 1 day to 70 years in the Gambia
In Senegal, the Scheme will cover anyone from the age of 1 day to 65 years
Adopted children will be covered provided the Subscriber can show official document that he is the legal parent/guardian of the child
Any West African Citizen resident in the Gambia and Senegal
Beneficiaries with pre-existing medical conditions will be covered except those with *Critical Illness. In the event of maternity, the insured needs to have joined the scheme for a minimum of 3 months in order to benefit from the scheme.

Pay your premiums more quicker and conveniently online. Its easy secure and easy to complete. Subscribers can simply use either PayPal, Visa, MasterCard. Enter the Subscriber Number quoted on the Invoice and simply click the link below.
Premiums can be paid yearly, Half-yearly, Quarterly and Monthly. Yearly payments entitle the entitle Subscribers to attractive discounts.

Good health condition is a fundamental human need. Therefore, every family needs Medical Insurance to protect themselves against illnesses should they occur. An illness that affects a loved family member can have serious destabilizing effects and can cause a serious dent on the family finances. The Metro-Afrique Family Health Insurance Scheme is out to provide this assurance and thus bring peace of mind and financial stability to the family finances.

In the absence of Medical Insurance, the average family relies on Out of Pocket Expense to pay for the medical bills of the family member that requires medical attention. This becomes unpredictable and often times the bills can run to tens of thousands and do pose a challenge for the average family. The inability for families to pay the rising medical bills means that the sick family member cannot get access to the Best Medical Clinics and Medical Specialists in need. This does result in deaths and medical damage that at times could have been avoided.

Getting a Family Medical Insurance is much cheaper than paying Out of Pocket of the Family. For example, the maximum premium for an adult family member is USD50 per month or USD600 per year. The premium for the under-age children is much lower. A family members that needs Hospitalization to treat a medical condition like malaria can cost GMD10,000 just for 3 days. In the unfortunate situation where the family member's medical condition needs evacuation to say Senegal, the average cost of the medical bill will run into CFA2 million which is approximately GMD154,000. Evidently, you can see that the Metro-Afrique Family Medical Insurance Program is much cheaper and will provide the family the opportunity of getting treated at top Medical Centres by Specialist.

Once you and your family become Members of the Metro-Afrique Family Medical Scheme, they will be issued with a Medical Card bearing their names, dates of birth, photo and the expiry date of the card. If they need to get medical treatment, the family member just needs to visit one of the participating Medical Clinics and/or a Medical Specialist. Upon presentation of the Medical Card, the Family Member gets treated without paying anything for the Gambia Scheme. All medical bills get settled by Insurance Companies
For the Senegal, Scheme, the Family Member is obliged to make a 10% Co-Pay. The rest of the medical bill is sent to the Participating Insurance Companies for settlement.

The big added value for the Metro-Afrique Family Health Insurance Scheme is that family members that are required to see a Medical Specialist for an illness that cannot be treated in the Gambia or the Medical technology or Specialism is not available in the Gambia. The family member will be covered for such a treatment in Senegal. The family member will just make a phone call to his/her relationship manager and he/she will be guided accordingly. Family member will be given a list of the Medical Specialist and Participating Clinics under the Scheme. The Specialist and Medical Clinics will be given prior notice to expect the Patient/Family Member and to provide her the best Medical and Patient Care.

The answer is NO! However, Metro-Afrique is always willing to work with the Family Members to find the best Quality and Affordable Medical Treatment. Therefore, Family Members are free to discuss their plans Outside the Metro-Afrique Network so that we can work together and see if there is a possible solution.

The average cost per adult Family Member is USD750 for Senegal coverage and USD600 for Gambia coverage. The Premium or cost per Child under the age of 18 is much lower and is estimated between 40-60% of the adult premium. This cost of USD600, will provide you with a total Medical Benefit of GMD250,000 (largest ever benefit available in the Gambia) whilst USD750 for Senegal has a yearly benefit of CFA 7.5 Million.

The premiums are not Fixed; they can actually go up or come down. For example, at the end of the year, there will be a review of the claims experience of each Family Member. For Families, whose claims were below a certain average, they will be given a discount when it comes to the renewal of their Insurance Premiums for the next year. However, for families whose claims are well above the average, their premiums will be adjusted upwards and will be asked to make relatively small contribution to reflect their claims experience.

The general rule is that the Insurance Companies do not cover Family Members once they reach 60 years. The thinking is that the claims experience at this age is not favourable. However, Metro-Afrique Family Scheme will provide cover for Senior Citizens from 65-70 Years subject to relatively small increase in the Insurance Premium to reflect their Health Risks.

Yes, we welcome all Expecting Mothers. The only condition is that the Maternity Benefit will not available to her until after 1 year. So, this means that the Metro-Afrique Scheme will not cover her for the current pregnancy but all subsequent pregnancies are covered for normal delivery or caesarean deliveries.

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